We need copies of essays, projects and theses about lesbian culture and sport for our research resources, sculptures and old lesbian T-shirts for our next quilt. As well as gifts to the Museum you may wish to lend us your treasures for a specific exhibition or bequeath your treasures in your will. Contact us 

We collect works specifically expressing a lesbian theme and material associated with lesbian events, such as:
  •  Ode to a Gym Teacher
  • Me and Gertrude Stein painting
  • For Lesbian Lips Only mug
  • Labrys used by CIRCE cheerleaders
  • Double women prizes for the Secret Lesbian Police Ball
  • Minutes of the lesbian organisations
  • Photographs of lesbian events
  • Early lesbian publications
  • Early film footage on lesbian events or involving lesbians
  • Stories of early lesbians or women who loved women in New Zealand/Aotearoa
  • Travel souvenirs from specifically lesbian sites (lesbian clubs, Lesbos)