Donation Goals

Not sure whether or not you want to donate? Maybe having a look at our current goals will help! These are the projects we hope to accomplish in the coming months with the generous donations given to us.

We are currently fundraising for the following projects:

  • A slide show for the large screen on open days of our larger pieces
    • Goal: $160
  • A coffee machine – to keep our workers awake whilst waiting for visitors! This will also allow us to offer a hot coffee to visitors.
    • Goal: $130
  • A memorial book to commemorate the prominent lesbians that have been lost since 1972
    • Goal: $80
  • Four 3D exhibition boxes to improve displays at the museum
    • Goal: $380 ($95 each)


In our immediate needs are items that need replacement – as Charlotte runs on a tight budget, any assistance with donations for a new printer or dehumidifer would be much appreciated!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!