Our Collection

The Charlotte Museum Trust’s collection showcases historic lesbian art, craft, and ephemera with a focus on New Zealand. We also have a collection of periodicals and a research and lending library.


  • Historical art, craft and ephemera

Visit us and view our collection of handmade labrys, glasswork, badges, a T-shirt quilt, weaving, screen-printed pillow slips, street theatre scripts, ceramic vulva and other assorted objects associated with lesbian herstory!










  • Periodicals

At the Charlotte Museum Trust you will find a copy of the first lesbian magzzine in New Zealand which began in 1972. We also hold a 1957 copy of The Ladder from the United States and other magazines from the 1980s from New Zealand and around the world.


  • Books

Titles in our collection include Libido Beach, Vice Versa, The Human Female, No Sauce for the Gander, The Lesbian in Literature, We Too are Drifting, All True Lovers, and The Lesbian Reader. Looking for an out of print text? Send us an email and we might be able to hook you up with the book you are after when you visit our library.

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