Strategic Business Plan 2017

Charlotte Museum Trust Strategic Business Plan 2017

(Supporting the achievement of our Strategic Plan and Goals)

14 March, 2017


This paper is informed by three key documents:

  • Strategic Plan VII (Sept 2015)
  • Business Plan 2016-2017
  • Community Conversations Output (October 2016)

While the first two documents identify the aspirational goals at the time they were written it was felt there was a need to check their currency and achievability in the short term, and that maybe shorter term objectives need to be set to enable the achievement of the longer term vision.


The purpose of this paper is to set short term goals for the year and that will get us on the journey and establish a solid foundation, to achieve our long term goals.

The goals take into account the feedback from the ‘Community Conversation Outputs’ to ensure we remain relevant and focus on the right things.

Additionally, it is our intention to be accountable to our community of interest with regard to our progress in the achievement of these goals, to help us maintain focus, ensure ongoing relevance and as a source of new thinking.


Community Feedback

To obtain Community feedback on the objectives we circulated this paper and an invitation to attend a 2 hour workshop on Tuesday the 21 February from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Museum (8a Bentink St, New Lynn) to offer comments and input.

The session was structured as follows:


  • Introduction to the paper 20 mins
  • Feedback on the greyed out items of the Plan* 40 mins
  • Identify anyone interested in assisting with the delivery of the Plan 20 mins
  • Reflection & general discussion 20 mins


*Note: feedback was welcomed on all parts of the plan but the Management and Financial Security sections are considered things the Board must do so we are wanting to focus the Community time primarily on the aspects that they are likely to be directly impacted by or involved in

The plan on the following pages reflects that feedback.

Next steps

This proposal will be tabled at the next Board meeting (14th March) for discussion and ratification of the final version.  Implementation planning will follow with a target of May to be underway.

Charlotte Museum Trust Strategic Business Plan 2017

Focus Area 2017 Aspirational e.g. < 5 years
  1. Collection updated to expand the collection of items from:
  1. Prior to 1980
  2. 1990 to current
  1. Seek inputs re: modern approaches to curation and develop a curation plan
  2. Start a programme of collecting artefacts from today
  3. Systematically put the collection online (cloud based) and provide Public and Private group view options (will require prioritisation of collection artefacts to go online)
  1. Is secure
  2. Is up to date
  3. Is being seen by diverse communities
  4. Artefacts classified as per best museum practice
  5. Online collection
  6. Modern curation
Events/ Cultural
  1. One community event per month (lesbian entertainment, collaborations, education, cultural, etc.):
  • Dedicated lesbian events
  • Maori heritage events
  • LGBT event
  • Family event
  • Educational event
  1. A significant Community Event
  2. Deploy a paid staff member to co-ordinate/organise events
  3. Annual event planning ensures no conflicts with events that are significant to the Lesbian community (unless as part of that event)
Events and programmes are:

  1. Diverse, well attended, appeal to a wide range of lesbian women,
  2. Promotes understanding in the wider community
  3. Provide educational opportunities
  4. Is a role model of socially conscious & critical thinking
  5. Volunteers and collaborations supporting delivery of objectives
  1. 3 x accommodation options are tabled by the end of June, 17
  2. Accommodation decision made
  3. Actively pursue Ak Council funded premises
  1. The collection/Museum has security of tenure
  2. There is a central, easily accessible presence of the Museum
Making the Treaty Real
  1. A position on the Board is reserved for Maori representation
  2. Research the storage protocols of Maori artefacts and ensure the Museum curation practices honour Tikanga Maori
  3. Establish Kuia/Maori consulting to the Board
  1. Bi-culturalism as represented by the Treaty of Waitangi, is a core value of the Museum
  1. Staff/Contractors have contracts and clear duties
  2. Online presence maintained e.g. website, Facebook, etc.
  3. Develop a governance structure that structures input and feedback from the ‘Friends of the Museum’
  4. Establish a volunteer pool to support activities
  1. Vision and purpose understood
  2. Transparent governance structures in  place
  3. Regular community input
  4. Museum’s Trust & charitable status maintained
  5. Museum staffed and trained
  6. Structured Maori input
  7. Risk management in place
  8. Active succession planning


Focus Area 2017 Aspirational e.g. < 5 years
Financial Security
  1. Funding applications maintained
  2. Range of products on sale expanded
  3. A revenue stream is initiated
  4. Venue hire income
  5. Increase the range of merchandise for sale
  1. Funding applications maintained
  2. Revenue streams in place that support 20% of costs
  3. Donor revenue maintained
Social Objectives
  1. Presence being advertised in agreed GLBT organisations and Museums e.g. Lesbian News Aotearoa (ex TMNL), Express, Ak Museum & Te Papa
  2. Two critical commentaries provided to the wider media
  3. See ‘Family event conducted’ in Events & Cultural
  4. Referral capability is up to date
  5. Communication campaign re: history intent & purpose of name & alignment to vision & objectives (assess later if name change still desired) in the form of a story about the name Charlotte in the title
  6. Add Lesbian Museum of Aotearoa to the title i.e. Lesbian Museum of Aotearoa/Charlotte Museum
  1. Point of integration and understanding
  2. Source of considered political commentary e.g. offering a feminist perspective
  3. Lesbian artefacts & stories routinely being communicated to wider communities
  4. Museum respected (incl. name)
  5. Recognised as a valuable contributor to LBGT communities and wider
  6. Charlotte Museum is seen to have credibility and is seen to affirm our lesbian identity in the world


General Feedback

  1. Send invitations to attend to the widest email list we have
  2. Don’t send invitations out to attend meeting that conflict with Pride events
  3. Use the full range of social media for feedback
  4. Treaty partnership should have a section of its own in the plan
  5. Collecting today for the future is a ‘quick win’ and the artefacts will never be cheaper
  6. We need to expand our earlier history also



Summary of Prioritised Outputs from Community Conversation (Oct 16)

1 Change location; central, fresh, accessible
2 Active Treaty partnership
3 Broaden appeal to a wider range of lesbians; programmes for all lesbians, ages, etc.
4 Change name
5 Appeal to youth
Collaborate with other organisations (premises, programmes, events, etc.)
6 Improve, increase online presence
Become commercially viable, financially secure
Events, exchange ideas, seminars, political discussions, music, cultural centre, educate
7 Be supported by public funding (govt., council, etc.)
Political voice
8 Protect collection
9 Grow, develop collection, bring up to date
Welcoming & diverse, Lesbian and wider community engagement as appropriate
10 Acknowledgement of museum