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SafeKeeping Exhibition

This exhibition presents work by Brighton based Artist Veronica Slater, kept safe in Aotearoa while Veronica lived on the Isle of Mull.

The exhibition opening is Sunday 9th May at 2pm, and will feature the video Caravan, about Veronica’s work from the Isle of Mull. There will also be a conversation by Dr Fran Marno, and Dr Miriam Saphira about both the exhibition and artist. 

The exhibition will run from Sunday 9th May, until Wednesday 7th July. We hope to see you there!

Veronica Slater is a multi-disciplinary artist at the Phoenix Art Space in Brighton. Her work has been informed by a number of international residencies which continues to develop her studio practise. 

“Consistent throughout the artist’s practice is the idea of home: the emotional weight of its human construction as an intimate living, space and the ambiguity of place within and without. The artist’s work also investigates the human baggage of seeing: the layers of fictions which we create in order to define who and where we are.” – Georgina Coburn